Senkele National Park

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Senkele Wldlife Sanctuary is located 48km west of Awassa, it is 340 kms south of Addis Ababa and covers an area of 54km2.

The sanctuary was originally established to protect the endemic and endangered antelope species called Swayne’s hartebeests.  

The open acacia woodland of the reserve is quite scenic and some of the animals are easily spotted, specially the Swayne’s hartebeests, the population of which is currently estimated at between 600 and 800. 

Other wildlife in this park are: Bohor, reedbucks, greater kudus, orbis antelopes, spotted hyenas, serval and civet cats, caracals, warthogs, common jackals as well as 91 bird species. 


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Wonderfull Senkele National Park

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