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Beyond Imagination


Ethiopia: A Unity wthin Diversity.

During this trip you  really come to know why Ethiopia is said to be the land of a mosaic of cultures. At the same time a unity within diversity.
Ethiopia has more than 80 ethnic groups of people who all have their own unique cultural practices, way of construction houses, hairstyles, body decorations and scarifications.

Uniquenesses of some ethnic groups are:

The famous admirable lip plates of the Mursi people with their body scarifications.

Had capsule of the heroes and the splendid detailed hair style of the Hammer, the Banna and the Tsemai people.

Different detailed tattoos on the faces and necks which has the value of beauty by the Amhara, Tigrean, Tsemai and Derashe people.

Ethiopia is not a show, it’s reality…

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