Palace of the Queen of Sheba

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The structure at Dungur is popularly known as Queen of Sheba’s Palace, though historians think it’s the mansion of a nobleman.
It’s fully excavated and, though in places rather clumsily restored, you can make out enough of the 44-room layout to make a visit interesting.
Nobody is certain of the complex’s age, but it probably dates to around the 6th century AD.
It has small undressed stones and walls recessed at intervals and unusually tapering with height.
The well-preserved flagstone floor is thought to have belonged to a throne room.
The palace also contains hidden treasure rooms, a private bathing area and a kitchen, where a large brick oven can still be seen.
The stairwells suggest the existence of at least one upper storey.

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Wonderfull Palace of the Queen of Sheba

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